Door Rope - 2135
Suits solid fuel heaters and stoves. 13mm dia x 1.5 metres long. Non asbestos. Used in the following models: Aspen MKI & MKII Blaze Boston Brunner MKI & MKII Flare (Wood Only) Tasman MKI & MKII Coleridge Kanaku We recommend to fit with rope cement product - Woodsman Pyrogrip FC-1021 (sold separately)
Door Handle Wooden - 2444
Used in the following models: ECR NoVo Flare (Wood Only) Coleridge Serene Serene Petite Kanaku
Air Control Knob Wooden - 2445
Used in the following models: ECR NoVo Flare Coleridge Serene Serene Petite Kanaku
Baffle Retaining Pin - BAF-13207 (Sold individually 2 required)
Baffle Retaining Pin for the following models (sold individually 2 required for set) Serene Drawer Serene Wood Box Serene Petite Coleridge Kanaku
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